Case study: Business Consulting How A Large Diversified Conglomerate Developed The Business Acumen Of Its Senior Managers Through A Solid Competency Framework Study

A Case Study to show how Walkwater’s program increases Business Acumen of Senior Managers in Large Diversified Conglomerates, helps them generate several new business ideas and develop a deep understanding of analysing business performance.

These sessions do not end with the program. Web based learning, onBtheBjob coaching, project support and certification process is followed to ensure completeness in learning process.

Structured sessions for sales team, the account management team and presales teams are offered to develop the functional capabilities. Assistance to selling through calls, web based sales sessions help the participants imbibe the concepts and can be provided if needed. On successful completion of the projects, certification is provided to the participants.

Develop inhouse capability

As the content is completely custom designed, it remains as a joint IP of the company and Walkwater. Internal organization processes can be evolved and the capability of internal learning teams enhanced through trainBtheB trainer sessions so that they can drive the relevant competencies at workplace. This also helps in integrating the learning to the performance management systems.

Internal learning team can be trained to deliver the sessions, so that adequate assistance is provided to make the change at workplace, and those requiring more assistance can be hand held. The performance management system can be modified to incorporate the competencies.


Qualitative and quantitative measures are defined beforehand to monitor and review the progress of the individuals and the function. These measurements can be a combination of outcome based and effort based metrics.

Identified metrics like enhanced qualification of leads, better proposals, higher order of engagement, better value proposition development, comparison with level one peers, sales alignment with strategy, individual performance improvement, team capability enhancement and higher value orders can be some of the measures which can be monitored.