We help transform Organizations through Business Diversification, Consulting and Custom-designed learning solutions for Senior Management and Business modelling & Analytics.

Our domain involves business models, strategies, processes and capabilities, relevant knowledge creation and dissemination.

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Business Advisory:

Enhancing performance and efficiency of businesses including MSMEs, to generate and execute unique business solutions.

We analyse large, small and family-owned businesses through multiple perspectives by studying their financials, strategies, customer reviews, employee views and structural frameworks. We help them conceive a new plan, research its viability and plan the execution of the plan.

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People Solutions:

Identifying the right talent for your organisation to deliver a strong employer branding.

We work with senior management and top leadership of businesses to develop strategies for talent acquisition and management interventions. Our expertise in talent mapping and training can help you channelize your recruitment investments in the right direction.

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Executive Education:

Comprehending complex business scenarios, developing case studies based on internal business practices, augmenting the management frameworks and external knowledge, and delivering intensive learning sessions.

Large conglomerates looking to develop business acumen and diverse competencies of senior management through custom-designed strategic learning interventions are provided by us.

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Business Modelling & Analytics:

Delivering solid business models and making informed and actionable future predictions through business analytics.

Clients who want to to deepen their understanding of data and the various business elements, and navigate the complexity in their businesses are assisted by us through a solid business model. We study all their historical data and make actionable future predictions through business analytics metrics.

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Who we are

We specialise in business diversification, consulting, custom-designed executive education solutions and business modelling & analytics. We focus on working together with businesses to transform and enable them to go to the next level. Our domain involves business models, strategies, processes and capabilities.

What that essentially means is, we help businesses right from the ideation stage, to research, to identifying opportunities and creating a niche in their area. We also help them draw up a proper business definition and provide committed assistance with strategy and execution.

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Our consultants have worked with and made an enormous difference to the following organisations:

Coca Cola
IIM Ranchi


The team comes with a background of rich and top-tier expertise coupled with diverse experience. We believe in giving our best to every client engagement. Our global network of experts add to our resource base, and can be leveraged upon for cutting-edge knowledge.

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Frei Raich Gmbh

Frei Raich Gmbh

Dr. Mario Raich is the Managing Director, Innovation Services, Frei + Raich GmbH in Zürich.

He is also a visiting Professor at ESADE in Barcelona. Prof. Raich's main professional focus is innovation, but in manyprojects it is often combined with business development, talent development or entrepreneurship.


Phil Young Consulting

Phil Young Consulting

Phil Young is a senior corporate education consultant who designs and implements seminars and training programs in finance, marketing, strategy and leadership in multiple geographies.

He has over 30 years of experience in the area of consulting as a course developer, instructor, and facilitator.