People Solutions Identifying the right talent for your organisation to deliver a strong employer branding.


People are the key drivers of any business. Each year organizations invest significantly in the recruitment of new team members, the return on which is huge and rapid when we get it right. Research has proven that having an effective talent management strategy can help you address some of the challenges happening in today’s workforce while you grow your business. For these reasons utmost care in the recruitment process needs to be taken to ensure we integrate the best talent for the role and the future of the organisation.

Walkwater Consultants have been involved in identifying talent through head hunting by a trained team, interviewed by a panel of industry experts and delivering timely closures for clients over time.


The ability to comprehend complex business scenarios and talent requirements, mapping talent for the role, identifying the talent, smooth transition of candidates to the new role and deliver a strong employer branding, are the hallmark of Walkwater Consultants.

We have worked with senior management and top leadership of our client organisations and a strategic talent acquisition pipeline and management interventions. We follow a five-step process – Research the market, Map the talent, identify the right talent, interview and deliver results on time – to support our clients to maximize focus and impact business. Some of the work done by us and our strategic partners are:

Competency specific recruitments

  • Partner with clients to identify competencies for the position and role
  • Conduct Competency Based Interviewing Approach for recruitment of middle and senior level leaders

Company branding

  • Create a platform to effectively brand our client’s organization and attract candidates
  • Create Employee Value Proposition in partnership with our clients to attract talent
  • Partner with our clients to address and cater to ‘Diversity Ratio’ requirements in organizations

Leadership pipeline creation

  • Leadership competency identification, assessment and recruitment
  • Mapping the market for the right talent, building a network of talent pipeline for future business of our clients

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